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Giant Dead Leaf Mantis

Giant Dead Leaf Mantis

These mantis can range in shades of brown, from light to dark. Their coloration helps them camouflage in the wild, and the large shield on their back makes them look like dead leaves. When startled by these mantis, they may run or pretend to be dead. Once fully grown, they may display their wings to scare predators.


They are moderately sized mantis, ranging about 7-9cm (males will stay on the smaller side compared to females). Males will be thinner and have a smaller shield on their prothorax.


They like higher humidity, so it is important to spray daily. They like to be kept anywhere from 50-80%. The ideal temperature is about 78° and not below 70°. Do not keep these species together aside from breeding, as they can become cannibalistic towards each other. Most commonly, we feed our young fruit flies and, as they age, mealworms and black soldier fly larvae.

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