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Wild Things Exotic Pets

Here at Wild Things Exotic Pets, we pride ourselves on providing quality education to our customers, the highest level of care to our animals, and the healthiest of animals for sale. We are available in person at all local and scheduled exotic pet expos. We are always available online to provide any information you may need. We provide onsite parties, educational events, and consultations by appointment only.

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Birthday Parties and Educational Events 

Throw an awesome party they'll never forget! We can bring our friendly reptiles your location.


Care Sheets

Check our care sheets; reviewing care is always essential, whether this is your first reptile or another addition to your collection. They have all the necessary information on caring for all different species, from the temperature to the habitat and feeding. If you are curious about other species, you are considering owning, read through their care to see if they would fit into your collection.’


Follow Our Journey

Thank you for all your support through our journey. Check out our social media for updates and our animal journeys: daily posts and weekly lives to follow along with.

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Explore the Collection

Scroll through our collection of animals from snakes, geckos and even amphibians! These were all produced in house or by our good friends over at New England Reptile Distributors (NERD)!

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